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Built for a lifetime™ system design services

Sometimes there are space, environmental, or time constraints that require a different installation approach. Renovating or building new buildings for compressors, blowers, or vacuum pumps can be time consuming and expensive. Kaeser’s Custom Engineered Solutions offer a cost-effective alternative. We design a reliable and energy-efficient air station, but instead of simply shipping the equipment for installation, we take it a step further to deliver the entire system in a turnkey package that needs little to no onsite assembly.

Kaeser's custom air systems are compressed air, low-pressure blower and vacuum systems built to specification for the most demanding and challenging installations. Whether in enclosures or on tailor-made skids, these complete systems are designed for exceptional reliability, simple maintenance, and superior energy efficiency no matter what the installation limitations may be. Superior transportability makes them ideal for rental and temporary installations.

Kaeser’s custom air systems are yet one more way we demonstrate our innovative spirit and deliver lasting value to our customers.